The Journal of Archaeology, Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies (RAASI/JAAIS) uses the peer review system for the academic recognition of the publication. The peer review system is an evaluation process of the scientific work by two equal rights referents/reviewers, specialists/experts in the field in which the evaluated article is intended. Reviewers verify the compliance of the publication rules, identify deviations from standardized rules, and make suggestions, improvements, and corrections.

The editorial board chooses the reviewers for each article, depending on the scientific field of the paper. The reviewers are chosen from the list of specialists who are members of the peer review board of RAASI. They must not have the same institutional affiliation as the author/authors of the article, in order to avoid conflicts of interest. The reviewers draw up a report for each article, which they send to the editorial assistant, who transmits to the authors the comments. If one of the two evaluations made for each article is negative (rejects the contribution), the responsible editor (main advisor) of the journal asks the peer review board for a third evaluation.

The Journal of Archaeology, Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies (RAASI/JAAIS) does not publish papers that have been previously published or are to be published simultaneously in other specialized journals.

Archaeology: Ion CIOBANU, Dr. Alin FRÎNCULEASA, Dr. Paul PETTITT, Dr. Denis TOPAL, Dr. Cristian Eduard ȘTEFAN, Dr. Adela KOVÁCS, Dr. Daniel GARVĂN, Dr. Vasile DIACONU, Dr. Roxana MUNTEANU, Dr. Bianca PREDA-BĂLĂNICĂ, Marian LIE, Dr. Vitalij SINIKA, Cristina-Elena CORDOȘ, Dr. Alexandru BERZOVAN, Dr. Ștefan HONCU, Dr. Lavinia GRUMEZA, Dr. George Bodi, Dr. Victor COJOCARU, Dr. Andrei COROBCEAN, Dr. Raluca KOGĂLNICEANU, Dr. Vlad VORNIC

Anthropology: Dr. Angela SIMALCSIK, Dr. Gabriel VASILE, Dr. Dmitriy KIRICENKO, Dr. Robert Daniel SIMALCSIK

Archaeozoology: Dr. Valentin DUMITRAȘCU

Palaeontology: Dr. Ștefan VASILE, Dr. Bogdan-Stelian HAIDUC

Numismatics: Dr. Lucian MUNTEANU, Dr. Lilia DERGACIOVA

Traseology: Dr. doc. Oksana HRYTSIUTA

Sociology: Dr. Cătălin-George FEDOR, Dr. Ioan Sebastian BRUMĂ

Ethnology and folklore: Dr. Dorina ONICĂ, Dr. Mariana COCIERU

The structure of the peer review board may change, depending on the subjects of the received articles.

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